bob & george

  • 005 – Unnecessary Segway

    Sprite comics along the lines of Bob & George have a fuzzy notion of “new”. This usually means recolours, which the community would find understandably tiring, spliced together characters from sheets ripped from the official games, or totally original work. This was rare, except for the odd talent who could actually produce new sprites with enough regularity to feed the comic and its audience.

    With enough dialogue you don’t really notice how few poses are used in any given strip, but that’s part of the magic of comics. You can get a lot across without changing much, and some comics thrive on this, such as Diesel Sweeties. I didn’t have the confidence to go at it with my own skill, so that’s what Buddy is. A splice and a recolour, though he really stuck with me. It wouldn’t be another ten years before I finally figured out a more humanoid form for him.

    On a technical note, you’ll see how I used square edged dialogues for Buddy, and rounded rectangles for Rockman X; that wasn’t going to hold water (or text) feasibly either, because there’s only so many variations that are worth making. And no, of course Buddy isn’t the author. That’s just now how I roll.

    Okay, that’s enough puns for now.