044 – Noble Sacrifices

My nephew and I were talking about inner monologues, and I think we’re running out of patience for them. When we want to get to know a character, we want to see what they’ll do. To me it’s about pacing; if your story manages some inner reflection without dragging out the pace, then it can work.

The key to drama is relatability, so how you go about achieving that is up to you… and knowing who you’re trying to relate to is essential to the story you’re telling. Ironically, that’s what I lacked with On The Rock. A premise strong enough to carry this character along. Like any job there’s got to be enough to fill the hours of the day, or panels of the comic.

I didn’t exactly have Trope Talk to provide the guidance I needed at that time. Not that I regret what I learned and accomplished. Is Reflow one massive retcon? You’re darn straight it is! Of course I’m doing my best to make it feasible, interesting and a good fit for the canon with which it is associated, but facts are facts.