010 – Guilt As A Motivatior

So. Much. Better. That background can be overwhelming, and it was, so I toned it down later, but since Megaman got his start in 8-bit, it was just logical to do follow the aesthetic. Of course it was easier for me working with less pixel dense sprites. It might be that this is text heavy. I certainly wouldn’t use such a small font now, but at the time 1024×768 was a common resolution, so this image wouldn’t have been presented at the size you’re probably seeing it now.

I’m pretty sure I was working on a PC at the time, an old 233Mhz Pentium with graphics of some description, probably a ATI something or other, maybe a Rage 128? Anyway, I’d eventually get a Voodoo2, you know, the one with the pass through VGA cable? YouTube is your friend if you haven’t seen one. I’m sure LGR has covered it. Point is I was able to create what I wanted, and even knew what I wanted. Boy howdy!

It felt really good, in fact, you know, that creative stride where the flow lives. It’s a wonderful feeling once you arrive there, and I heartily advise that you find a good reason and creative purpose fit that into your life. Even share it, if you can. Why hesitate?

By the way, this is Dr. Namiki’s story and he’s sticking with it, no matter what the [redacted] says.