008 – War Machine Chastized

This was making less sense as I pushed ahead, but once again all that messing around helped me to hit this comic’s stride, as it were (such as it was). The “upgrade” was me fixing Buddy palette to a more pleasing look, and adding more poses, like the one get takes after the improvement. This idea dead ends pretty fast, which is fine. In drama the ability to go with the flow has been one of my strengths.

The second Zero was supposed to be my nephew’s character, but… yeah, that never panned out. At least he got a spot in the action!

Using a character’s primary colour to outline their dialogue is easier and saves a lot of time, but can be troublesome if your cast is too big. For instance, what colour do I use for the second, barely recoloured Zero? Where did the original Zero come from and why does he… yeah, none of that mattered. Having fun first, telling a canon feasible story second, you dig? In this case my biggest detriment was total lack of planning.