007 – Trouble’s a-brewin’!

I was in no way prepared to carry the burden of a total apocalypse storyline. When you’re not drawing things yourself you’re stuck with what you have on hand, and the archives of Sprites Inc and The Spriters Resource weren’t nearly as varied and broad as they are today. Even with that selection, you’ve still got to work with what has been ripped by fans.

With that said though, what can I do but say thank you to those who made my comic possible!

The ability to vary panel sizes is essential to dynamic comics like On The Rock was becoming. While some would crack jokes about dimensions, I just changed them without any regard for things at all. I don’t plan to make that mistake with Reflow, and I’m scripting it to fit a certain layout for readability, so I’m sure this time I have it handled. The beauty of Fireworks was the ability to create visual effects that add flare with relatively little effort. I’m hoping to make a step up with Reflow to a similar sort of production level, but let’s just say that my technical proficiency is ahead of my artistic skill, just as it was with On The Rock.

One step at a time, as always.