006 – Tastes Like Filler #1

It’s pretty natural that the comic would fall by the wayside every so often, as it was a hobby, not a job. Unfortunately for me I never did get any pictures of my nephew dressed up as Zero. He really did have a blast! Wouldn’t be the last of my filler comics, though. As an adult the deep, harrowing gleam of Halloween was undesirable to me, but with a nephew to be a goofball for, I found a solid reason to have some fun with him. Yes, Halloween is for the kids, not that we can’t share a little.

Of all things I dressed up as a ninja and hid in a room where I handed bags of candy to kids walking through a room where dark fabric had been draped from the ceiling. The previous year I had dressed up as a grim reaper and thanks to the combination of height and costume frightened a kid to tears. No thank you! I was handing candy out at The Source, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Too bad I lacked foresight about my costume. Oops! It was awful, so I backed off on that idea for some time.

I don’t regret the experience, I learned to put more thought into my costumes. I’m so accustomed to being the gentle giant that I hadn’t realized what a tall fellow in dark fabric might mean to a child. Hindsight and the best of intentions, right?