004 – Bring it on!

Took me a while to figure out the space I didn’t want to be in, in order to understand where I wanted to be as a web comic author. Like checking out all the rides you don’t want to get on to find the one that you feel like you can handle. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into, though looking back, my ride wasn’t especially, er… rocky.

As a technophile, it hit me hard that that sort of chatter wasn’t going to work here, either. Isn’t it interesting that we think of consoles in terms we relate to, like colour depth, frame rates and CPU processing capabilities when in the end none of that matters. I’m a Nintendo guy, so help me… they have just fit my idea of fun so well over the years. I know all the systems, but Mario… well, c’mon, he’s Mario. That’s enough to say.

Also, showing my anime influences (unlike some of us) which may not have been so readily apparent in this strip. Buddy have an alternate form optimized for combat? As if Dr. Namiki was ever that prepared! …or me for that matter. I’ve always liked the way I used a wall jump as a kick, I mean, why not?