002 – Everybody Needs a Hug

Maybe an obvious joke, but who says a primed-for-combat robot doesn’t need some soft, sympathetic comfort. I mean, does Zero really need all that hair, especially when the Second Generation Blue Bomber doesn’t have any? Fill in the blanks, by all means. Come to think of it, X doesn’t really carry that title, does he?

It was pretty quickly apparent to me that my fancy visual tricks weren’t going to pass muster with inconsistent sprites, not to mention the shifting workload. It actually took a bit of horsepower to put together these comics, and my PowerMac 6400/G3 400Mhz (a pretty nice machine at the time) kept up, but I still had to use a PC to do the sprite sheets. Paint.exe was the tool of choice when it come to recolours.

Oh well. I read once that a craftsman doesn’t complain about his tools…